Canon Pixma PRO9500MkII Inkjet Photo Printer Best Buy Price

Canon Pixma PRO9500MkII Inkjet Photo Printer

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It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The same can be said for works of art. When you take a photograph, you are capturing your artistic ideas through imagery. The time has come for you as a photographer to invigorate and expand your artistic spirit through printing. The best way to reach these extraordinary heights is to print, exhibit and preserve your works of art up to 13” x 19” with the Pro9500 Mark II Inkjet Photo Printer.

Canon Pixma PRO9500MkII Inkjet Photo Printer (3298B002) I have been looking at large photo printers for a while, and I heard that the 9500 mark II was due out in May. So, I decided to save my penies. I have had this printer for about 2 weeks or so. I cannot complaine at all!!I did a decent amount of research on this product before I decided to drop the cash for it. Unfortunatly, reviews are few and far between. Everything I heard and saw about the printer was from Canon press releases or the Web site. Not exactly a non-biased pool of information. But non the less, I took the plunge and got it. I have not regreated it one bit!It offers large 13x19 borderless printing, amazing color reproduction, and it can even adjust the color for the type of light the photo will be viewed under. Canon also offers a full range of fantastic photo paper. I enjoy the look and feel of the Canon Photo Rag. This paper though, does not support boarderless printing. Make sure you read the print on the paper. Ink does not seem to fly out of the tanks. I have printed about 20 or so prints, and I have only had to replace the matte black tank (I do a lot of night shooting and had a bit of a learning curve to understand my new printer. It might last longer depending on your style and experience).Since this is my first real photo printer, I had a bit of learning to do when I first plugged it in. However, the included "electronic manuel" had all the information that I needed. I was soon printing fantastic large color and B&W prints.The construction is solid. It is not a flimsy bit of plastic that will fall apart! Opperation is quiet and fast. I have not exactly timed how long it takes to print, but it is done with a 13x19 print in just a few min. It does have a large footprint. So be ready to have some desk space! Some papers are too thick to use the top loader, ie museum etching, so you will have to front feed them. The prints will come out the back of the printer. So depending on what you print on, you will need to have the back of your printer open and free of clutter.

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