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ARCHOS 101 Internet Tablet 16GB

Product Description

The ARCHOS 101 internet tablet is a tablet that you’ll be proud to own. You’ll have the best of the highly desirable AndroidTM technology with a large, high-resolution 10.1’’ screen, a weight of 15 oz (480g) and a thinness of just 0.5” (12 mm). Beyond providing the best Internet and HD multimedia experience, your device is completely customizable with a world of apps to make it your personal tablet. Unique design to serve the latest technology With a slim and light design, you will have the jewel that everybody wants. Thanks to its patented technology with over-molded stainless steel structure the ARCHOS 101 internet tablet weighs only 15.8 oz (450g) and is only .47” (12mm) thin. Connected Android™ device This “must have” connected device has a smooth user interface, 3D graphics accelerator and Wi-Fi connectivity. With Android™ multi-tasking has become a reality. The perfect size for full and intuitive web surfing Enjoy the real Internet. Pages in full width, accelerometer and high-speed Wi-Fi n connection. Everything you want for an uncompromised web experience. Everything to replace your PC Features include ultra-powerful processor, webcam, email & chat applications, and comfortable keyboard. Once you start using it, you will no longer think about powering on your PC. Video chat with friends and family using the forward facing webcam. Your world of applications Match your ARCHOS to your personality and style by downloading the apps that matter to you (instant messaging, 3D games, newspapers, video chatting…). Hi-definition multimedia at your fingertips All your multimedia in HD quality either on your ARCHOS or on your TV thanks to the HDMI video output.

ARCHOS 101 Internet Tablet 16GB First off I'm not new to Archos. I first bought their gen 5 device that made other personal media players look silly and had wifi and a touch screen. Each new generation impressed me. Last year I bought the first Android tablet I ever saw, the gen 7 Archos 5 IT. It was launched in Oct 2009 with a lot of flaws, but was a compelling device. By early 2010 it had become stable and very impressive but I always wanted a bigger screen. I bought their gen 8 7 inch A70 and the 10.1 inch A101 as soon as they were available on the Archos web site. I wanted to buy on Amazon but the demand for these tablets has been so intense they have been selling out every shipment in hours or days.Before I get to the good and bad let me address some comments here. It is important to realize with technology that your experience may or may not be the norm. Some people said they have trouble with wifi. I have had this on my home system with 35 Mbps Fios and WPA2, my Clear WiMax with WEP and my Rooted Vibrant mobile AP with WPA2. It is brilliant at finding, locking and holding signal and can find signal farther than other devices. Having said that Archos recently acknowledged a problem with WPA AES they are working on with the chip set manufacturer. Also the touch screen is very sensitive, some have said more so then their phone. Now for the bad...

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