Schwinn Lakeshore Men's Cruiser Bike Review Sale Price

Schwinn Lakeshore Men's Cruiser Bike

Product Description

Steel Schwinn cruiser frame offers a comfortable riding position Schwinn cruiser bar with alloy stem for upright position SRAM Grip Shift shifter for fast, easy gear changes, 7speeds with Shimano TZ rear derailleur for quick shifts Alloy linear pull brakes stop precisely, Alloy rims for easy rolling Schwinn Quality padded cruiser saddle softens ride, Classic Schwinn rear rack for convenience.

Schwinn Lakeshore Men's Cruiser Bike (26-Inch Wheels)This bicycle seems to be very well made with stainless rims and generally solid construction. It arrived in a big box with the front wheel and fender not attached. Took awhile to get them attached and the brakes adjusted. The derailer shifter didn't engage the high gears so I had to take it to a bike shope and have them adjust it. After only about 5 trips back and forth to work, about 5 miles each way, this morning the chain jumpped off the small 7th high gear and I had to stop, get it back on the sprocket and peddal to work with out gear seven. Will take it back to the bike shop tomorrow and I hope maybe it was just a bad adjustment. I've been building up muscle and stamana in only these few trips which are all up hill on the way home in the evening and it feels great, best investment I have made in years and I'm loving it!I like the fact that it is comfortable and has fenders as well as a very handy rear rack. I am going to buy a new, seat though, a Schwinn pillow top. I also bought a Schwinn compact pump and and bag for the rear rack as well as a handy cup holder for the morning java on the way to work. Fun-fun-fun and healthy.On the negative side, the manual leaves a lot to be desired, it doesn't explain things well at all, am going to next look for a good Schwinn bicycle repair, upkeep manual.Update Oct 13 2010: I got the air pump, but found this model has no welded on tangs to attach it to, so I used some of those plastic pull ties and that seems to hold it securly to the vertical seat frame post. Got the Schwinn gel seat and am still not convinced it's that big an improvement over the stock one.Big Negative: I kept having shifting problems and finally took it to another bike repair and he identified the problem.. to save money, the Schwinn factory used cheaper brake cables to run the shifter cable back to the rear derailer and also the derailer was apparently bent slightly. The free replacement that Schwinn sent me wasn't even the right model for this bike! He fixed the derailer and added the proper, stiffer, shifter type cable and it is now shifting quickly though it still makes clicking noises in some gears and loud noises shifting occasionally. Have spent $45 on these derailer/gear shifting problems so far, NOT good for a new bike.

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