Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike Best Price Review

Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike

Product Description

Sunday afternoons practically beg for a bike ride, and what could be better than a bicycle built for two? Enter the Pacific Dualie tandem bike, a sturdy, comfortable bike that's perfect for you and your spouse or partner. The Pacific Dualie offers such features as a handcrafted, oversized Hi-Ten steel frame, a reliable Shimano 21-speed drivetrain, smooth and precise SRAM twist shifters, a Mega Range freewheel and overdrive, 26-inch tires, 36-spoke alloy wheels, a Shimano rear derailleur, Promax front and rear linear pull brakes, and dual sport saddles for long-term comfort.

Pacific Dualie Tandem Bike (26-Inch Wheels)This is a superbly constructed bike. The strong steel frame is a little heavier, but much more stable, and forgiving, for less experienced tandem bikers. First gear is a Shimano super low making it easy to peddle, and get both bikers on their seats and peddles. 21 gear, all Shimano drive train, with SRAM index handle shifters, and comfortable seats, make it easy to do hills. The Promax brakes have complete control of the weight of two riders going down a steep incline. It has the connections for all the fun accessories, two sets of screws for water bottle cages, connection points for adding a three strut mountain bike rack. You can carry plenty of stuff, and then add fold down, rectangular panniers, to the rack, to carry two grocery store bags perfectly. This bike is a summer work horse, for fun, exercise, and a utility vehicle for two. With gas over $4.00 a gal, this bike makes even greater sense. Assembly is easy, only placing handle bars, seats, and peddles, the drive train is completely intact. Cool spacers on the cables running along the front horizontal frame bar, protect the paint. Be sure to tighten all bolts before your maiden ride, shipping can loosen them a little. Tires need 65 psi for a very smooth ride, on city tires, for two. This is a unique value at $199.99, delivered. I have recommended it to several friends.

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