Polar CS600X Cycling Heart Rate Monitor Best Buy Price

Polar CS600X Cycling Heart Rate Monitor

Product Description

The CS600X is for both the professional cyclist and for the cyclist who wants to ride with the best. The CS600X with the updated Power Output Sensor� W.I.N.D is the market's most complete cycling system to plan, monitor and analyze your training. The new CS600X with Power Sensor shows the rider in Watts the amount of Power they generate . Add in the Polar G3 GPS sensor and you can also MAP the points where you traveled.

Polar CS600X Cycling Heart Rate Monitor W.I.N.D.The upside for the polar CS600x is it's affordability. You have to ask yourself what are your other options? You can spend a grand for the Cycleop's Powertap or 2 grand for the SRM. Once installed it is an excellent tool for monitoring your output. For the average income triathlete once it is installed correctly you will appreciate it. I use it on my training bike but could NOT bear to place on my race bike (see below).Downsides: Installation is time consuming but it is manageable -- check out the youtube video -- chain removal is probably inevitable and probably the best way to approach it. While on the ride I can't escape the feeling the power monitoring unit on the chain stay, speed sensor or batter will get knocked off. Lastly, if you, like me, extended your budget and spent a lot of money on a race bike mostly for promise of increase speed from improved weight and aerodynamics -- the Polar set up seems antithetical to all these principles.

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