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Reliance Controls Transfer Switch Kit

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The Reliance Controls Corporation 6-circuit 30 Amp transfer switch is a complete turn-key kit with everything needed to make a professional transfer switch installation in a home or office. It is designed to enable the wiring system of the building to accept the full power of a portable generator, which can run multiple electrical appliances and devices during a power outage. Use this transfer switch for up to 7,500-watt generators equipped with NEMA L14-20 or L14-30 power outlets. The kit includes a 30A 6-circuit prewired loadside reliance transfer switch with wattmeters; 30 Amp outdoor power cord inlet box, a 30 Amp 10-foot generator power cord with L14-30 ends, and an extra L14-20 cord end for smaller generators. This unit is cUL1008 listed and is covered by a 5-year warranty.

Reliance Controls Transfer Switch Kit - 6 Circuit, Model# 31406CRKThere are two ways to get power from an emergency generator fed to appliances that need to be run during a power outage.The first is to run multiple cables from the generator to each appliance, which is cumbersome, requires running cables all over the place - leaving more things to trip on in the dark.The second is to feed the generator output to the home wiring. I've seen this done by back-feeding the generator 240V/30A output to the home wiring through the dryer socket after switching the main breaker off. Back-feeding is completely illegal, and very unsafe - especially for linesmen working on downed utility lines.The correct and safe way to connect an emergency generator to home wiring is through a transfer switch. The Reliance Controls 31406/30306 LOAD-SIDE transfer switch was perfect to connect our DuroMax XP4400E 3600 watt generator to our home wiring. The transfer switch can support up to 6 circuits (labeled A-F), two of which are 20 Amp (C & D), and the others are 15 Amp, and generator output of up to 7500 watt. Circuits A-C are on one 120V leg of the 240V generator output, while D-F are on the other. You can probably use generators with higher output, as long as your appliances do not draw MORE than 7500 watts.The transfer switch comes pre-wired with a single neutral (10 gauge wire), single ground (10 gauge wire), and six pairs of red/black wires (12 gauge) that run to each of the switches/breakers on the transfer switch. The two wires in each set are labeled with the identity of the circuit, i.e. red and black wires labeled "A" connect to circuit A on the transfer panel. Connecting the panel to the main electrical panel is very, very easy - requiring just three steps. Make sure you turn your main breaker off before connecting the transfer switch to the main panel as described below

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