Mspa USA B-110 Bubble Spa Sale Best Price

Mspa USA B-110 Bubble Spa

Product Description

Bubble Spa Blue Sea by Mspa knowing that at the end of the day you can step into the luxury of the Mspa is a joyful feeling. There is nothing as peacefully satisfying as a quiet soak in the warm, therapeutic water of a spa. Make it the focal point of a beautiful garden or tuck it away creating a secret and intimate setting, Mspa will cater for your every need.

Mspa USA B-110 Bubble Spa, Blue I bought one of these inflatable bubble spas because I could not afford to buy a hard shell hot tub. I thought this would be good until I saved up the money. At first it was great. It would heat up to 102/103 and felt great; however, the blower is loud. After six months of use, the plastic tore away from the spout where you inflate the tub rendering it useless. We tried to patch it up, but it is impossible to repair at the seam. I knew it would not last forever, but I expected it to last longer than six months. When I called Mspa customer service, there only comments was "that's a bummer, bad place for a tear. I can sell you the body of the spa for $200." No thanks, I'll save my money!

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