Yamaha PSR-E423 61-key Touch Sensative Portable Keyboard

Product Description

The Yamaha PSR-E423 has features for learning to play, like the Yamaha Portable Grand and Yamaha Education Suite and features for when it’s time to play, like Control Knobs for real time control over effects, filters, EG, tempo & 150 different Arpeggiator patterns.

Yamaha PSR-E423 61-key Touch Sensative Portable Keyboard with 482 Voices It's OK. Yes it has lots of features but I had hoped for better sound. I like that you can turn off the touch sensitive feature which makes the volume of keys pushed louder. You can turn the TS feature on and off according to your needs. One may be able to hook up the keyboard to amplifiers but I haven't tried since I bought this mainly for home use. Overall it's a fun beginner keyboard. The AC adapter which must be purchased separately is a bit short so take that into consideration when deciding where to place the keyboard. I personally think It's a bit overpriced for what you get despite all the features. I would sacrifice some of the extras to get better sound. For example, I don't need the phone ringing sound or footsteps or Jet engine sounds.A warning to all people buying this to use with a Mac computer: THE SOFTWARE PROVIDED ONLY WORKS WITH WINDOWS. THE DRIVERS YOU CAN INSTALL FROM THEIR WEBSITE IS ONLY FOR WINDOWS. SO FAR I HAVE FOUND NO WAY OF USING THE KEYBOARD WITH MY MACBOOK. I was aware of this before I purchased it and am not complaining about it because I have a windows based machine to use it with. Just thought other people might like to know that for now (maybe in the future yamaha will provide drivers for use with MAC) it is not Mac compatible.

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