Sennheiser EW112PG3A Wireless Kit Review For Sale

Sennheiser EW112PG3A Wireless Kit

Product Description

Fast, flexible and professional: these characteristics make the ew 112-p G3 the perfect fit for every ambitious reporting team seeking both portability and great sound quality. The nearly invisible clip-on omni-directional microphone transmits its signal via a bodypack transmitter with mute function and a portable, battery-powered adaptive-diversity receiver. The receiver and transmitter are lightweight and easy to operate, yet rugged and packed with features.

Sennheiser EW112PG3A Wireless Kit with EK 100 G3 Diversity Receiver Frequency Band A (Range: 516-558 MHZ)I just received this set of wireless microphone and I'm testing it with my Marrantz PDM 661.They seem great so far, but when you set the receiver's output to 12db, which is claimed it should work as a line-out (I've read is much better to connect anything as line-in intead of mic-in) I have to turn the gain all the way up in the Marrantz and the entry level is still very low, almost non usable. If I'm doing a bad set-up, please let me know...Other than that this set seems great. When connected as mic-in the level is great and sound quality in general seems very good. I use it for recording audio separetly while recording HD video with my Canon 2Ti.

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