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FMR RNP Microphone Preamp

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Lots o' headroom. These days, the trend is for microphones to increase their output signal levels while reducing their output noise levels. This means either employing a front-end pad and/or increasing the headroom of a mic pre. We decided to do the latter: at unity gain, the RNP 8380 has a clip point of +27.5dBu (almost 25Volts peak-to-peak)! Even with a hefty microphone output, the RNP8380 should take what your mics have to give. Fidelity. When designing a pre-amp, there are many ways to balance the sometimes conflicting operating constraints. Unfortunately, with the proliferation of integrated-circuit (IC) based mic pres in recent years, one of the typical casualties has been fidelity. At this point, I won't bore you with the geeky details, but I want to assure you that fidelity was not sacrificed in the RNP8380. Even though there are many mic pres that are quieter, there are very few that have the spurious-free (i.e., distortion-free) spectrum of the RNP8380. Now, more than ever, what you put into a mic pre is what you'll get out. Ugly box. If you look beyond the RNP8380's utilitarian ugliness, you'll see that we opted to throw the money we saved in cosmetics into the quality of the audio electronics. I like having nice-looking gear as much as the next guy, but given the choice between something that sounds nice versus looks nice, the sound wins out everytime. Really Nice Compressor (RNC) inserts.

FMR RNP Microphone PreampThis product really deserves its name. This is probably the best preamp you can get for its price range. It is simple to use and does its job perfectly. It has all the standard features you would need in a preamp: 2 channels, phantom power, phase invert, 66 dB gain, hi-Z and XLR inputs.A little detail I really like is that the gain knobs are in labeled 6 dB intervals, making it really easy to write down your working settings for different instruments.All in all, a great product!

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