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Dyson DC17 All Floors

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Motorized Brushbar

Dyson DC17 All FloorsI have always preferred canister vacuums but when my rainbow gave out after 20+ years, I thought I'd try this one, especially since it has 5 stars and I like the bagless concept. It has amazing suction and seems well made but that's about all I can say for it. Actually, the suction power is way over kill. It's great for carpet and fairly thick rugs. It does well on hardwood floors with the brush turned off. However, the suction is too powerful for thin area rugs (i.e. my 8 x 10 jute rug)and it does not clean well on these with the brush turned off. Also I have a couple of flat big dog beds which I have always vacuumed fine wiht the canister rug attachment. The dyson has too much suction to work on these and again with the brush turned off will not clean them. The profile is too high to get under anything at all and the hose does not work well for this chore as the tool hose is a springy type so when you use the tools, the vacuum follows you around and hits you. Plus, the tool hose is so tightly wound, I was having to keep constant pressure on it to keep it from retracting. Finally, I thought the technology re weight would have improved over the years but this vacuum is so heavy it made my arm, wrist and back hurt even though it is self propelled with the brush on. Actually, this feature is also way over kill as I was fighting to keep the vacuum from running away from me. If you are thinking of switching from a canister, don't go with this vacuum. If you have hardwood/tile floors with area rugs, it's too expensive and too much vacuum for the job.

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